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No specific info about version 4.5. Please visit the main page of HP Image Zone on Software Informer.

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    Julie 2 years ago
    — Disappointed in HP photosmart essential
    Pros: Holds all your images
    Cons: Slow, no ease of use

    The old version of Hp image zone was great. It ran well and with ease of use. Photosmart Essential is like a failed blooper. It makes everything more difficult and time consuming. I accidently deleted my old Image Zone and when I tried to get it back, oh no!. Please bring the old image zone back. It works and is easy to use. I did find another free one that is 100% better. PhotoPad Image Editor and Paxillion Image converter whick work together. They are Awesome, easy, do everything and are free. It even prints your photos with lighting fast speed much unlike Hp.

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      Guest 11 months ago

      Totally agree with you. Thanks for the replacement programs.

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    Cyrus 3 years ago

    I upgraded to Win7 and found that HP ImageZone is not compatible, so downloaded the HP Photosmart Essentials which is supposed to be the new replacement.
    Sorry guys, it is a massive dissappointment - in no way can it replace the photo editing abilities of the original ImageZone. It may be ok for some 10-15 year olds!
    I cannot beleive HP can be so unprofessional.

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    Morris 4 years ago

    For my XP computer and All-in-One printer that I don't have a CD for I downloaded (pse_350_enu.exe) HP Image Zone software from your site (which looks like a HP site). The download that was saved didn't completely loaded on my computer and got stuck on page 7 of 8. After cancelling it, I reloaded this software again from your site and tried again. This time I turned off my antivirus, thinking it was the reason it froze up before. It looked really good downloading into my computer this time going pass where it did before when all of a sudden it disapeared off my screen. I tried a third time running the download that I saved and l had the same problem. I checked for a new program and had nothing. How do I download this software into my XP computer? I want to be able to use the Scan features on my 1610 All-in-One printer.

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